rilakkuma 2

Information [Rules]

Welcome to my selling journal. My usual journal is burikkoXP, but I chose to make a seperate journal so I could update it with things I'm putting up for sale. I will be selling mainly Japanese merchandise, but there will be other things if I really need to get rid of it. Please read below to understand the rules.

1. Through Livejournal
2. Email: millennium_puzzle1 [at] yahoo [dot] com
3. Aim: Luvs Kurama

Only Contact me if you have questions or it is related to the buying of anything here.

1. If you are considering buying something, please comment. Only serious buyers.
2. If you need something on hold, also leave a comment. But I can't hold forever. 1-2 weeks.

Paying methods:
1. Paypal is preferred. (fastest, but a bit of a payment fee, according to paypal rules).
2. US Money Orders
3. Concealed Cash in Envelope (but be careful. You are sending on your own risk).

Shipping where?
I can ship worldwide and in US. :)

*If I add more items, I will update that post I made with the new items.